Welcome to Foodie On Tour. A thought-provoking blog designed to challenge your beliefs, provide you an insight into the best places to eat in Manchester, and give you a taste of my travels.

This blog is for people who think the world is greater than what they can see through their own two eyes. Foodie On Tour is designed to provide a fresh perspective on life, a fresh perspective on society.

I don’t want to blog about my life. My life’s boring. Well, compared to some people, my life is boring, but I find my life very interesting. I’m more than happy sitting in my spot every evening watching a mixture of The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and NCIS, or playing video games. I’m more than happy waking up every morning to get out of bed at 6:30am, drinking a hot chocolate, made with milk, and going to work.

I live a simple life, but sometimes, the simpler you make life, the more time you have to think of new, fresh, creative, innovative ideas that can transform the way people think.

You can’t change everybody’s way of thinking. People are programmed within their DNA to think differently to everyone else. We may agree with someone on a certain topic, but we will never agree fully. That’s the beauty of the human race, we all have opinions, we can all be opinionated, all we need to do is lose the bit inside of us where we’re afraid of giving our opinion in case someone wishes to disagree.

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