“Writing is Hard.”

No, it’s not. Never listen to anyone that says it is. People always try to hold you back, so they can take all the glory.

You’ve Never Touched Your Phone

If I asked you if you’re touching your phone, would you answer “yes”? What if I could convince you that you’re not touching your phone? Give me 5 minutes and I’ll convince you that you’ve never touched a single object in your entire life.

Who is the Strongest Avenger?

The Avengers saga is over. Endgame was an immense ending to a story spanning 21 movies. The debate over who is the strongest Avenger will go on forever. Here are my thoughts.

A Father and Son Build Castles in the Air

Music has the power to bring up emotions that you may not want the world to see. It also has the power to turn negatives into positives. This is how I turned a negative into a positive.

The Art of Gift Giving

Giving a person a small gift could have a huge impact on their life; however, the receiver may not appreciate it until several years later.

Connecting the Dots of Life

When was the last time you took a step back to look at your life and the path it has taken? Can you pinpoint a time you made a life changing decision? This is how I mapped out my journey to China.

Forming a European Super League – Best for Football?

Forming a European Super League could be in the best interests of the game. Fans of smaller teams could finally have a chance to see their team win a domestic title. Reform is needed, this could be the time.

I Survived

A brief tale on a crazy thought that stayed with me from a young age and how I lived as if this was the last year of my life.

The Most Powerful Tool in the Universe

Whilst listening to a debate about gherkins and pickles, I asked myself what is the most powerful tool in the universe and the obvious answer was words. Here, I explain why.