An Alternative Reality

In this alternative universe, England won the 2018 World Cup and football came home.

Driving to Nowhere

One man goes on an adventure, where he’s attacked by teenagers and dogs, enters a parallel universe, and encounters a criminal cover-up.

A New Dawn

Convinced she has pinned the crime on the wrong person, a manic, vengeful widow accepts the offer of the enigmatic bank robber accused of murdering her husband to track down the real killer.

Synopsis coming soon!

Cold Women

An intelligence officer enters a comatose state as a result of a car crash. To wake up, she must battle alter ego’s created within her psyche due to chemicals administered by the United States government during the Cold War.

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Dusk of Today

Set in a world where religion is outlawed, an inhumane act of terror sets off a series of events destined to change the lives of three strangers as they try to gain control of their crumbling worlds and gain forgiveness from the ones they have wronged.

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