“Writing is Hard.”

You sure about that?

You. Whoever you are. I can’t picture you. You could be a man or a woman, young or old, black or white or Asian; the demographic is too wide to write to a niche market about a niche topic. If you’ve ever thought about writing and haven’t done it because you don’t know where to start, start with a blank page and vibe. Let your thoughts flow through your fingers and onto the page and you’ll soon see it filled with little black letters.

All around us we see words; on the TV, in the music we listen to, at work, in books, the world is filled with words, so when people say writing is hard, I almost have to hold back my laughter. Writing isn’t hard.

The fact people of all ages, even little toddlers and babies, are able to put one word in front of another, whether it be the right word or not, does not make them any less capable of being a writer.

To those people that say it’s hard, are you saying writing is hard because you’re not very good at it, or are you saying it’s hard to try and impress people who don’t write? Everyone can write. Writing is easy. Making people read is hard.

Well, that’s a lie. Making people read isn’t hard because you’re reading this right now. What’s hard is making people read in an inner voice that is different to their own. What’s hard is making people slow down their inner voice and changing the emphasis of how they say words. Making. Them. Focus. On. Every. Word. Before you speed it up again and just like that, magic.

Every good writer is capable of taking you on a journey through a time and land you’ve never experienced. They will make you feel a connection to a character, whether they be in a book, on TV, or in a game. They will imprint the voice of a person into your head and it will stay there for as long as you live. They will make you cry foul when your expectations for your favourite characters aren’t met. They will make you angry when a character’s arc is different to the one you want. That’s good writing. That makes people talk.

But, only good writers can do this. What about those writers that aren’t any good? What about those writers that are scared to put pen to paper because of the opinion of what others may think? What about those writers that have yet to find their voice?

What about those that are on a journey not to be a good writer, but to bring together a range of writing styles, a range of cadences, to create a writing style never before seen and never capable of being replicated?

I write because I want everybody to understand that when someone with a condescending tone says, “Hmmm, it might be a little difficult for you,” what they really mean is, “I don’t wanna give you the opportunity to do what I do because you might actually be good at it and, if you are good at it, it means there are less opportunities for me and screw your hopes and dreams.”

The best thing about writing is not what you say, but all the things you don’t, and if you think this relates only to writing, then I suggest you read it again.


One thought on ““Writing is Hard.”

  1. This is such an encouraging post. I truly enjoy writing but often feel it can get hard some times. It is important to keep going; to just put your pen down and write. When you stop thinking, the real words flow.

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