You’ve Never Touched Your Phone

Are you wondering why I’ve said, “You’ve Never Touched Your Phone”, when as a matter of fact, you’re touching your phone right now? Whilst writing this article, I asked 20 people if they were touching their phone. All of them said yes. What if I was able to convince them, and you, that in actual fact, you’ve never touched your phone?

It is accepted that the entire universe, and everything it contains, is made up of matter. Matter in its simplest form is a substance that occupies all physical space within the universe and is made up of atoms and molecules.

Atoms are made of positively charged protons, neutral neutrons, and negatively charged electrons. In the same way a magnet works, the negative electrons are attracted to the positive protons to keep the atoms together. As everything within the universe is made of matter, this must mean the entire universe is also made up of atoms.

If the atoms are kept together because of their magnet-like abilities, and everything in the universe is made up of atoms, then all around us, atoms must be touching each other to keep the universe from splitting at the seams. Right?

As mentioned, atoms behave like magnets. Positives and negatives attract; however, we all know negatives repel negatives. The negative electrons in atoms do not touch. If it is simply impossible for these negative electrons to touch each other, then we do not touch anything.

But, you’re sat there right now, on your sofa or in your bed, using your phone to read this and you’re 100% sure that you’re touching everything around you. Your hands and fingers are touching your phone. Are they though?

I’ve used simple to science to tell you that you’re not touching anything, and if you’re still not convinced by my argument, I could try and convince you that because of the constant movement of atoms, your brain is convinced you’re touching your phone. Would that help?

The negative electrons orbit the positive protons, which make up the centre of an atom, and are kept in orbit by an electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force is going to blow your mind!

Back to the atoms for a second. It is near enough impossible for them to stop moving. The only time they might stop moving is if the temperature reaches absolute zero (−273.15°C). If an atom continuously moves, then that must mean the electromagnetic force, and the electrons, are in constant motion.

The negative electrons repelling causes the electromagnetic force to create an electron repulsion. This repulsion is the reason our fingertips send a signal to our brain to tell it we’re touching an object.

When we “touch” something, we create a magnetic force so strong that our brain assumes we’re touching an object.

Surely, I’ve convinced you now? No?

This is where the molecules come into it as you’re probably saying, “Well, I know I’m touching something cause I can feel it.”

You’re never actually touching an object, you’re simply touching a variety of molecules, all of which are chemically bound by atoms.

For example, water is a molecule and is created using hydrogen and oxygen atoms. We’ve been “touching” water since the moment we were born, but when was the last time you really felt water? How does it feel in your hands? How would you describe its texture?

Can you actually describe what you’re touching and feeling or is it a sensation your brain understands, but you will never be able to describe because you’ve never actually touched it?

Have I finally convinced you? Do you now believe you don’t touch anything? Yes?

If I have convinced you, then I’ll leave you with one last question. I’ve told you that you have never touched a single object and that touching is a sensation created in your brain.

If that is indeed true, how do your hands get dirty?

What are your thoughts on the article?

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