Fat Day

26 Jan 2018, the birth of Fat Day. A concept designed to help people enjoy food whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Humans are afraid of getting fat; let’s not sugar coat this fact. No matter how much the world tries to promote body positivity, those that are skinny will mock those that are overweight and those that are overweight will try their hardest to lose weight.

Some will succeed, and some will fail. Those that succeed might change their eating habits forever in fear of regaining weight. They lose their love for food.

I’m not here to promote body positivity; my goal is to promote food positivity. Food is good. Food is life. Food is love. Good food helps you live a happy and healthy life.

As a person who has struggled to gain weight, it has taken me a long time to reach my target weight of 14 stone (89 kg), but without Fat Day, I doubt I would’ve got here as quickly as I did. In the last 15 months, I’ve gained 14 kg (2 stone).

Fat Day has helped me try new food: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Brazilian, Caribbean, Portuguese, South African, and Spanish food.

A far cry from your Maccies, KFC, and Burger King. Fat Day will broaden your horizons. It will expand your palate. It will make you fall in love with food.

Preparing for Fat Day

Fat Day does not come without rules. It’s all about maintaining good eating habits, learning to love food, and having a plan at the end of the week. Sometimes, Fat Day can be spontaneous, but with good eating habits, you’ll still be able to experience the same joy.

The first rule of Fat Day is to speak about Fat Day. Tell everybody. Spread the word. The second rule of Fat Day is to speak about Fat Day. Tell everybody. Spread the word.

Understand the type of food you want to eat. Not everyone will want to try a range of food from around the world; some people will simply want burgers, shakes, and desserts. These types of food are the most fattening, but also the most scrumptious.

This is why a few days before Fat Day, you should reduce your portions for each meal. Continue having breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner, but reduce your portion sizes. The calorie intake will also decrease, but you’ll be comfortably full as your body is still receiving nourishment at the usual times.

Then, on your Fat Day, skip a meal. If you’re going to be having dinner, skip your afternoon snack. If it’s lunch, skip breakfast. Your body will be ready to eat as much as humanly possible as you’ll have a calorie deficit; your happiness level will also increase as you take the first bite of your burger. There’s a science to this eating madness.

Fat Day is about having three course meals regardless of the time of day. A three-course meal does not have to be the standard starters, mains, and a dessert. As a matter of fact, it should not be in this order. You can have mains and two desserts. You can have two mains and a dessert. You can have a range of starters and a dessert. Mix and match the order. Play with food. Learn to love food.

The Power of Walking

Have you ever taken a walk on a full stomach on the way to more food? It is one of the most enjoyable moments in life.

Why do we walk? Because it’s one of the rules of Fat Day. I keep mentioning the whole concept of Fat Day is to enjoy binge eating, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking is a healthy activity in which all people can participate. It will also help you pre-plan your Fat Day – we’re bringing it back to you having something to enjoy at the end of the week.

Fat Day is not just about going to one place for food and going home. Where’s the fun in that? Fat Day is about going to two or more places, walking, having fun, and then going home to have the best sleep of your life.

Let’s say you’ve enjoyed an amazing starter and a main meal at one food establishment. Do not get dessert. Spread the enjoyment. Spread the wealth. Walk to another food establishment for dessert.

There are several places that serve only desserts and they’re popping up all over the place. These establishments understand that some people just want to go outside for cake and they’re perfect for the dessert part of Fat Day.

Go out and enjoy food. Have your own Fat Day. Love food. Remember, good eating habits promote a healthy lifestyle. Be food positive. Food positivity promotes body positivity.


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