Dusk of Today – Synopsis

Society teeters on the edge. It’s called the dawn of a new era by Hannigan, the Prime Minister of Prodigiosus. She takes a stand. A stand no past leader has ever taken: ban religion. Her thinking is society transcends religion. Religion is the root of all evil. It causes wars. Her plan on day one is to raid all places of worship, arrest all worshippers in the buildings at that time, and kill anyone who tries to resist.

The banning of religion has a profound effect on three individuals: a Muslim girl embroiled in a racial gang war; a police officer and a devoted Christian; and, a son forced into religion by his mother.

Meet Isma Khan. Embroiled in a racial gang war, she is the intersection between a gang of Asian youths and a white-supremacist youth gang. Her Asian heritage aligns her with the Asian youths, but her heart lies with the leader of the gang of white youths. She does a good job of hiding her true feelings until her Asian friends abduct her white boyfriend. From this point on, she has to convince her friends segregation is wrong and Asians and whites can live in harmony.

Meet Anna Fury. An experienced police officer haunted by past ventures. A devoted Christian who finely balances her work as a police officer, occasionally killing innocent victims, and her spiritual life, attending church every day. Fury is reluctant to accept the new legislation, but Hannigan tells her police officers do not think, they only act. Fury orders an officer to kill the Priest. Ashamed by her actions, she embarks on a mission to track down Hannigan and get the law changed.

Meet Adnan Ahmed. Forced into religion by his mother, Sameera. The night of the raids, Adnan reluctantly agrees to go to the mosque. At the mosque, he has a gun pushed against his head and is taken to the police station. Unbeknown to Adnan, a group of youths attack Sameera and put her in hospital. Using his one phone call, Adnan finds out and plans on escaping the police cell to be by his mother’s bedside.

Along the way, old bonds are broken, new bonds are formed, survival is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain, the demographic of Prodigiosus changes the moment religion is outlawed.


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