Cold Women – Synopsis

During the resurgence of the Cold War in the 1970’s, the United States government began to prepare for future wars by creating a new breed of soldier.

Country wide, flu jabs were made compulsory for children aged 9 – 13. Unbeknown to the parents of these children, they were being injected with a chemical preparing them to become cold-hearted killers. These chemicals, codenamed “COLD,” were designed to limit a person’s ability to feel.

The Cold War never reached its full potential and the programme ceased to exist. One by one, the children who had been given the chemicals began to experience hallucinations, developed schizophrenia, and developed identity disorder; except one, Azura.

Azura, however, was no ordinary child. Having lost both her parents in tragic circumstances a few days after she was given the chemicals, she lived with her grandmother until it was time to leave for college. Azura grew up and by the year 2000, she was a high-ranking intelligence officer.

Due to the pressures of the job, and the need to always be on the phone, Azura is involved in a car crash and enters a comatose state. This is where it all changed. The chemicals she was given as a child came to the forefront. In her comatose state, she was not alone. As a consequence of the chemicals given to her as a child, Azura developed alter ego’s over time with supernatural powers.

Crying Woman. This alter ego was born the day Azura was given the chemicals. She constantly cries and begs the voices in her head to stop crying, and has the ability to disintegrate beings by looking at them.

Laughing Woman. This alter ego was born the day Azura left for college. She hears the laughter of college kids having fun as she sits and studies. Her ability is levitating herself and inanimate objects.

Screaming Woman. This alter ego was born the day Azura had her car crash. Screaming as she speaks, she is on the verge of losing her mind; mentally unstable, her ability allows her to bring beings into the comatose world and use them as weapons.

In a battle with, potentially, grave consequences, Azura must overcome the creations in her mind, overcome the chemicals, and wake up from her coma.


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