The Most Powerful Tool in the Universe

Where does the power lie within our societies? Is it with the rich and famous, the politicians, or the judges? A lot of people ask me why I changed career paths very quickly after finishing my law degree, it’s because I’m chasing the power. Not the power to rule a nation, but the power to influence a thought process without the other person realising what I’ve done. True power lies within words.

Words can teach you to love and respect mankind, or they can teach you to hate the world. In some legal cases, solicitors and barristers must use their words whilst presenting a case to the jury, so that the jury sides with their client. Politicians need words to convince the nation’s population to elect them as their leader. Famous people use words to firstly become famous and then to stay in the limelight.

Words that are formed perfectly and said correctly create a beautiful and compelling composition leaving the listener or reader wanting more.

I try to influence thoughts with random bursts of made up knowledge, fake news if you will, to see whether people will believe such information or realise the nonsense coming out of my mouth.

I’m a big believer of the need to increase your food intake in an attempt to lose weight. Majority of people are able to slim down via exercise and substantially reducing calorie intake. The problem arises, and this is where the power of my words come into play, when you’ve plateaued and are struggling to lose any more weight. You need to increase your food intake in order to once again lose weight, otherwise your body will reject any further weight loss as it realises it’s unsafe to continue without causing significant harm.

During a heated lunchtime debate around gherkins and pickles, I added to the conversation by stating pickled onions are created when big onions are placed inside a pickle jar, which causes them to shrink. This was met with some approvals, whilst others rejected the statement. I know the statement is a lie, but the power of words is the theory which is being tested.

One day, I’ll release a book titled “The Theory of Zak.” Theories currently developed that will be included are:

  • 27% of the UK’s working population are sat on the toilet every weekday at 8:43pm.
  • Some people have palms lighter than their skin colour due to ancestors never moving their palms towards the sun.
  • If Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo, the world would have not seen the rise of Hitler.
  • The easiest way to annoy someone is to change the emphasis of a word: ofTen or OFtEN.
  • People believe time goes by quickly. The slower we accomplish tasks; the slower time will move. You have the power to slow down time.
  • Having the ability to change someone’s mind or plant an idea in their heads which may come to fruition at a later date, simply by using words gives us all a great deal of power. People have the ability to change the past, the present, and the future through the words they speak.

I stopped pursuing law because I realised my words can be a powerful tool in changing the way people think. A jury is 12 people. The world is 7 billion. I won’t be able to reach every person, but if I can influence even 0.1% of all the people on the Earth, 7 million, that’s quite a significant impact.

You may not want to have such an impact with your words, so even if you only change the life of one person, you’ve changed their world.

Words; the most powerful tool in the universe.


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